Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' Sonny 's Blue ' Essay examples

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James Baldwin’s story Sonny’s Blue has a repeating motif and theme symbolizing lightness and darkness. The author uses lightness and darkness as a metaphor to symbolize connections in our everyday life. I disagree with Michael Clark who suggests Baldwin uses all the metaphors to support childhood in the story. The author makes numerous connections with the motif to not only represent childhood, but also every stage of life. Baldwin uses the repeating metaphor of lightness and darkness to represent good and evil, adulthood, and relationships between family members. Baldwin uses lightness and darkness in his story to display the good and evil present in the world. Lightness represents day, whereas darkness signifies night. The light we see during the day is naturally by the sun. People in society are meant to be outside doing things. During the day when it is sunny and lively outside, society is functioning as usual. Children are safe in school and adults are busy, actively working. At night, when the darkness comes people are meant to be at home, sleeping and ending their busy days. At nighttime, people go out and want to blow off steam from their days. Society encourages people to go out at night and drink, spend money and have a good time. Nighttime encourages society to party and society wants to be entertained. In this story, the nightly amusement is the jazz club where Sonny spends his time and where he eventually performs. In Sonny’s Blue darkness can be related to…

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