Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid 's Girl Essay

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How Style, Tone, and Characterization in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” Show the Universal Pressures on Woman in a Patriarchal Society "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid reveals the overwhelming pressure on young women to look and act in certain ways in order to please men and society. Through the use of the literary elements style, tone, and characterization, Jamaica Kincaid is able to place the reader into the shoes of a young Caribbean girl as her mother describes to her what she must do in order to protect her reputation and grow into a respectable woman. Gender and gender-roles are a main theme in this work as scholar Carol Bailey writes in her article, Performance and the Gendered Body in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and Oonya Kempadoo’s Buxton Spice, “Girl” “lay[s] out the script for the performance of womanhood… in which the female child is expected to live and perform her gender,” (107). While there are numerous cultural topics specific to Caribbean living throughout the story, these themes are universal to the expectations on how to behave and perform that woman and young girls feel. The style of writing adds to the sense of subjugation in the story and its unusual structure is often the first thing noticed by the reader. At first glance, this short story may not appear to be a short story at all, barely one page in length, “Girl” does not use the traditional format seen in most short stories as it is one long sentence within one large paragraph. The use of this format causes the…

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