Analysis Of J.d. Vance, And Our America By Lealan Jones Essay

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For the past several weeks we have been reading memoirs on multiple sources, ranging from the hills of the Appalachian Mountains, to the streets of Chicago. Both of these places come off not only as different in geography but in lifestyle as well. They also share similarities in some instances. In Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, and Our America by LeAlan Jones, and Lloyd Newman, both stories share similarities in the fact that the people in these stories are restricted by the environment in which they are raised in, but also stricken by poverty which is responsible for the frustrations and hardships in life they face, and the path which was paved for their life.
Our America focuses on two boys living on the southside of Chicago, where they are subjected to a cruel environment that consists of drugs, alcohol, violence, stealing everyday. Fairly early on in the book the boys give you a sense of what they deal with on a daily basis. It’s mentioned in the second chapter, “If you act like a little kid in this neighborhood, you’re not gonna last too long. ‘Cause if you play childish games in the ghetto, you’re gonna find a childish bullet in your childish brain. If you live in the ghetto, when you’re ten you know everything you’re not supposed to know. When I was ten I knew where drugs came from. I knew about every different kind of gun. I knew about sex. I was a kid in age but my mind had the reality of a grown-up, ‘cause I seen these things every day!”(33) Life is harsh in…

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