Analysis Of J. Cole 's Music Essay

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“Apparently” is a song written and produced by Grammy- nominated recording artist J. Cole, who first gained recognition in the music industry from his hit song “Workout”. The song can be found on the album 2014 Forest Hill Drive. Lyrically similar to his other songs, “Apparently” takes more of autobiographical approach. Most of J. Cole’s music tells stories about upsetting issues that makes people think and gives them different perspectives on life as a whole. Such songs that represent this pattern is “Fire Squad”, “Be Free”, and “Lost Ones”. However, though these themes are popular with his fan base, songs like “Before I’m gone” and “Cole Summer” have more of a personal/direct message. “Apparently” seems to follow this uncommon trend within his music. In the song “Apparently”, the persona is a man who at once was unaware of how much those close to him believe in him and care for him. As an adult, he reminisces on his mistakes committed as young adult in life and how it affects him as time goes on. The idea behind the song is about a man later in life who is overwhelmed by guilt, who attempts to correct his wrongdoing, hoping to repair and restore relationships once valuable to him when he was young. A lot but not all people commit actions they later regret in life.
The start of the song, which is also the chorus, conveys his concerns with faith and fantasy. Although he lives and experiences cruel and inhospitable challenges every day, he wishes his dream could come true…

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