Analysis Of ' Iv ' And ' The Inquisition ' Essay

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IV. Guglielma and her Familiga: In response to the possibility of the Guglielmites “spiritual dreams” being crystalized into heresy through the inquisition, Barbara Newman writes:
But certain tenets and practices appear to have been shared by all: a reverence for Guglielma as a uniquely Spirit-filled person, even physical embodiment of the Spirit; an interest in gender complementarity; a belief in the priestly capabilities of women; an inclusive ecclesiology embracing the ultimate salvation of Jews, Saracens and pagans; a fascination with such “charismatic” phenomena as visions and prophecies; and vivid hopes for a utopian future.
The Guglielmites saw Guglielma as a charismatic holy woman who embodied personal characteristic that they could relate to. They called themselves “the children of the Holy Spirit,” and saw in her somebody who could unite various groups of peoples. Diverse noble families made up her followers and not all of them got along. In fact, most of them were rivals. For example there was Bellacara Carentano, her son, three daughters and her maid. Also in the group were the brothers, Ottorino and Francesco da Garbagnate. The Carentanto, as Newman points out, supported the Della Torre fraction and the Garbagnate supported the Visconti. However, what also stands out from this example is the that multiple members of the family – which is understood as not only kin members, but also members of the household – made up the Guglielmites. More Guglielmite…

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