Analysis Of ' It 's The Girl ! ' Essay

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1a. “ It’s the girl! Good God! Who do you suppose did it? Bigger tiptoed up the steps, one at a time, hoping that the roar of the furnace and the men’s voices and the scraping of the shovel would drown out the creaking sounds his feet made… He stole to the door of his room and opened it and went in and pulled on the light. He turned to the window and put his hands under the upper edge and lifted; he felt a cold rush of air laden with snow. He heard muffled shouts downstairs and the inside of his stomach glowed white-hot. (Wright, 220)”

1b. I chose to illuminate this scene because it shows how cunning Bigger is. Bigger realized that the situation was getting dangerous for him. Jan was still in jail and he had an alibi so he was safe. Soon enough they would realize that Bigger was the murderer. While he had the chance, he immediately went to his room to escape through the window. This scene is important because we get to see how clever Bigger is. He was in a fight or flight situation, and he responded appropriately. I believe that this scene represents the title of book 2, Flight. Bigger had been planning an emergency escape all along. Do you think that he will get caught for committing murder? I think that Bigger cannot get away from the police, and he will get caught unless he leaves Chicago.

2a. “ But rape was not what one did to women. Rape was what one felt when one’s back was against a wall and one had to strike out, whether one wanted to or not, to keep the pack…

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