Analysis Of Instruction And Data Collection Essay

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Analysis of Instruction and Data Collection During the lesson aspects of both Universal Design for Learning and differentiation were implemented to not only support the three students being progress monitored but also for all the students in the class in order to ensure all students are receiving quality and effective tier 1 instruction. First, all students were given manipulatives to use during their practice problems and exit ticket in order to facilitate problem solving and to free working memory space by keeping students from having to manipulate all three addends in their minds at one time. Second, students are grouped in heterogeneous table groups and are allowed to work together or independently during their practice problems depending on how they see fit. Many of our lower achieving students, including the three students being progress monitored, seem to receive support from their higher achieving peers when they run into trouble spots during their practice problems. Additionally, the three students being progress monitored were seated next to the educator during the teacher modelling and guided practice segments of the lesson in order to differentiate the amount of support they received from the educator during the lesson. Finally, in addition to manipulatives, the three students being progress monitored received markers and white boards with number lines. These white boards are used as a further differentiating tool that the educators use to help these students…

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