Analysis Of Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

As a woman in slavery, Harriet Ann Jacobs encountered many challenges and hardships throughout her life; however, she was able to overcome them and eventually free herself from bondage. Life as a slave was extremely difficult; it was even more difficult when one was both a slave and a woman.Rather than discouraging her, the difficulties of her life influenced her to assist other slaves in their escape from slavery. In her autobiography Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,Harriet Ann Jacobs shows that her life was considerably different from the lives of most slaves because of the way she fought, the relationships she cherished, and with her language,which can be interpreted as both her voice and her literacy, and her ability of compelling …show more content…
Slave narratives show the cruelty and brutality of being a slave and it has a very different effect on females compared to the effect it has on males. Having a writing done by a female slave is very rare, according to Braxton. Harriet Jacobs even had to hide under a different name “Linda Brent” in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. In this text, Jacobs strikes against racial injustice and sexual exploitations. Feminism can also be seen as stated by Braxton, because unlike other women, she stood up for her beliefs and wanted to fight against the discrimination women had to face. It was her way of protesting against slavery. The author was able to see “the silences and gaps” in the life of a female slave through this text. Jacobs uses backtalk as a mechanism for self-defense and resistance when it came to her master and her life in the north. She also wanted her children to be free from agony and despair. According to Braxton, Jacobs’ slave narrative is much different from other slave narratives, which mostly just included their fight for freedom, because she is a woman and she talks about everyone who helped her and her family to get to a better place, both black and white, and about the sexual abuse she had to face

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