Analysis Of ' Imagination Hills ' Essay

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Imagination Hills

After leaving the driveway, the street needed is to the left, down to Foster Road, where it’s then it’s right. Speed forty signs, people speeding and flying past the car. All that goes through my mind is wondering how long I want to be up there, or what I want to talk about with them. Take a left, and stomp on the gas pedal to get to the top of what seems to be the steepest hill in all of Oregon. Once the car hits the speed that’s needed, you yield to oncoming traffic, passing the first entrance on the left. Keep going, up the same steep hill, and take a left at Lincoln Memorial. There, is a gate that leads to Willamette National.

The signs all say different letters, but the one needed is ‘CC’. Finally, after seeing the same signs with different letters, the sign says ‘CC’ and has an arrow pointing to the left. All that can be seen is green, fairly tall grass, and pavement. The car goes into park, the e-brake pulled up, and the car off. Wearing flip flops wasn’t the best idea since the grass was wet, but it didn’t seem to matter at the time. Looking back at the view, trying to picture the perfect place where you can help find them, because the number is hard to remember. Finally, looking over the hills, Mt.Hood is proudly standing. Blue skies, woods and trees stand behind and finally, CC 2298 is reached. Sighing, knowing that tears will flow at some point throughout the short time, a seat is taken on the wet, fresh cut grass.

Sitting there, a hand…

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