Analysis Of Ijava And Chai

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Analysis and Results
After looking through all the current aspects of iJava and Chai as a whole we noticed that there were some key problems with the business. The first problem which is very noticeable, is the online website for the coffee shop. The website is not up to date with all the items that are provided in the location itself, and for a variety of choices the design of the website seems very bland. There are not many designs and while the website is easy to read, it does not add that sense of variety as it does in the shop itself. Moving away from the website and into the shop we noticed that in regards to his cup sizes, iJava does not provide a small size. While there is not a huge price difference between the medium size and the
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This proves that iJava and Chai appeals greatly to a younger audience from the ages of 19 to 25. iJava does provide Wi-Fi but we were shocked as to how strong it was during the store’s busier hours. Around 7:30 p.m. there were many students with their laptops and tablets and yet the Wi-Fi remained at steady 3 bars, for a small location, such as iJava to have a steady Wi-Fi even with traffic, it was very impressive. A great quality of the shop is its customer service; everyone working there is very friendly and down to earth when talking with customers. The bakery also provided something known as “Oreo Truffle” which is something not common in a coffee shop; we noticed that the other competitors do not sell an item similar to it. The most surprising thing about our experience with iJava was its vast amount of choices in regards to its Flavors. The amounts of flavors in the store completely dominate iJava’s competitors in the area. No of them even came close to providing 2/3 of the amount iJava …show more content…
That happened to be one of the mostly commonly seen comments customers jot down on their free response question we had on our survey. That lead to the numerous amount of customers whom were highly satisfied. Since their customer base is mainly students and workers, they all enjoy going over to iJava and Chai for that main reasons. Specially nowadays that we all rely on Wi-Fi services. Another major finding, we experienced from working closely with iJava and Chai was to realize, how many loyal customers iJava and Chai has and continues to make, by giving the best customers service they can. We came to find out that if the customer isn’t highly satisfied with his/her purchased product, the owners is always around and his employees know to exceed customer’s expectations, so what they do is, re-do anything the customers is not satisfied

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