Analysis Of If You Build It He Will Come By Phil Alden Robinson

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Register to read the introduction… Throughout theme revolves around this unexplained underlining of the plot, which is founded on a lost relationship between a father and a son. The relationship itself is thought to have been a difficult one. The director revealed from the beginning that there was no other sign of commonality between Ray and his father but an intense passion for sport, suggesting that their bond is solely based on that enthusiasm. Through out the movie Ray, the main character, receives telepathic messages by which he is continually reminded of his late father. He follows through with what the supernatural calls are insisting he should do, even when going against everything; his family, economic pressures and even his own instincts, just so he could solve this mystery. After so many unrelated events take place he finally realizes that everything that occurred was meant to lead up to only one event, the reconciliation between him and his father’s soul. His father (John Kinsella) being an avid baseball fan and a player in his youth, reaches out to his son the only way he knew. The spirit gives him a chance to experience being surrounded by the greats, and with that approach reconnects with his son after so many lost …show more content…
He develops the plot outline and he figuratively shows some misses and hits for such extreme spirituality towards the sport. While developing his script, interestingly he shows it in a manner as the game would progress itself; unpredictably. Ultimately Robinson manifests a story that is written in the spirit of the sport, by taking the greatest tragedy in history of baseball and glamorizing it. He insinuates that from a global perspective baseball will forever remain the all time favorite sport, no matter what. As he continues to write, he connects the spirituality to the sport on a much deeper level as he shows the building of the field, a space where the spirits of the past come alive and become content with being given a chance to relive their life long passion. Lastly, shows how the spirit of the game can create bonds on a deep emotional level, simply by having common interest or creating a hobby that two individuals can share, in order to strengthen their relationship. Robinson has most definitely succeeded demonstrating, in multiple ways, how a sport can be a foundation for

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