Analysis Of ' Ich Bin Ein Berliner ' : I Am A Berliner Essay

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“Ich bin ein Berliner”: I am a Berliner. This sentence pronounced by John Fitzgerald Kennedy: the President of the United States of America on the 26th day of June in 1963 during his speech in Rathaus Schӧneberg the city hall of West Berlin would shape history. Those words that would later name the speech, may have prevented the Soviet Union from becoming stronger and maybe start a war that would have killed millions of people, those words have encouraged the West Berliners to keep fighting for freedom. The speech was made three years after the construction of the Berlin Wall, the wall separated West Berlin and West Berliners from the Western society: the free world. The wall also separated families and friends; it gave rise to famine and starvation because of the blockade. President Kennedy came to West Berlin to condemn the Soviet Union and the Communist World in front of its borders and to show West Berlin his personal support and the perpetual support of the United States of America. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the president of the United States of America but in front of more those 150,000 West Berliner he affirms that he is citizen of a Berlin, that he was one of them; it may look strange or inappropriate for the President of the United States of America to claim that he is citizen of a foreign city but this city was “the front line and shining example of humanity struggle for freedom” (Arthur J Olsen, New York Times. 27th June 1963. Page1). (Exordium)

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