Analysis Of ' I 'm For It ! ' Essay

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Children, reduced to wearing rags, were scavenging the gutters for scraps of bread or a lost coin, hoping to find enough for what could pass for nourishment. The two riders were glad to cross the puente, away from the town’s stench and the misery it shrouded. Somehow, probably because of the freshness of the air and the cool of the morning, they were more relaxed with each other outside the town. ‘Well, how are we going to earn our fortune?’ Antonio ventured to ask. ‘You said you’d teach me to sing. We can play as a duet then!’ ‘I’m game to teach you. I know some pretty dirty songs that’ll make people stop and listen! And I know the words so I can teach you them as well!’ ‘I’m for it!’ Antonio felt then that he could have a constructive, friendly relationship with Esteban but it was still early days. ***
The amount of traffic using the road to Majadahonda was small. The two men discussed the fact and attributed it to the lack of economic activity in Madrid and the surrounding pueblos. No one was buying clothing, vehicles, horses, wine food or anything else transportable. However, the odd wagon and horseman was using the road for reasons only the riders knew. Just after they had been travelling for about two hours, something quite unearthly happened. While the sky was dull and dotted with high cloud, it suddenly lit up as a huge, fiery streak of light passed with a gentle roar right over their heads. They almost fell as…

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