Essay on Analysis Of ' I 'm Fine '

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There 's beads of sweat pouring off my cousin 's face. His fingers drum up a beat on the counter. I don 't think I 've ever seen him this fidgety. He 's pacing like a father about to hear the birth of his firstborn son announced.

I approach with caution. "Are you alright?"

"I 'm fine," Chinito snaps. "Why?"

He doesn 't seem fine. His hands shake. Whatever is going on, it 's important. I can see that now. "Are you sure about that?"

Chinito focuses his attention on Ernesto in the far corner. They communicate through anxious glances. "Yeah. I 'm sure." His words are flatter than American TVs.

"If you say so…" I know how to mind my own business without being ordered. My cousin stares at the clock like it might start talking.

The waitress that everyone refers to as la bocaza storms into the kitchen. When she speaks to me I just pretend like I have no idea what she 's saying. It 's easier than being constantly insulted. She 's lucky she 's a woman, otherwise Ernesto would have kicked her ass by now. No one can talk to Ernesto the way that she does. I wonder if she even knows what the word respect means.

That one, she 's got a mouth like those gringas Mama warned me about. Honestly, my English is still pretty terrible, but I know enough to know that fuck is not a word that should ever flow out of a woman 's mouth. That one, she 's gonna end up alone and poor and childless. She 's gonna end up as rotten as her words.

I turn to see how Ernesto is going to…

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