Analysis Of `` I Too `` Essays

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Poetry 's impact throughout the generations has been a vent for many writers to speak out for the inequality issues the country has faced. From the early 19th to the 20th century political poetry has had its change of approach and style. Early writers like Langston Hughes used poetry as a way to show America the hardships and experiences non white cultures like African Americans faced in the country during the early to mid 1900 's like in his poem "I Too". Half a century later the worlds technology advancements keep growing and the media has become the center of our generations attention. Even with times changing political poets are still key figures speaking up for the injustices in America. Artist like J.Cole and other hiphop composers can be idolized as modern day political poets using the generations media to their advantage in voicing their opinion. With the writings of Mario Klarer "An Introduction to Literary Studies" I will analyze the poetic devices J.Cole uses in his songs that allow for him to be considered a political poet. Although the style of J.Cole is different from the more traditional political poet like Langston Hughes he still uses the craft of poetry in his songs to show the problem and solution by creating empathy and addressing listeners to care and feel through the lyrical voices "you" and "I" as Langston Hughes does.

Langston Hughes was born Febuarary 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri. Raised mainly by his grandmother because the father lived outside…

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