Analysis Of ' I Sinned ' Essay

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I froze.

Gabe and Jenna walked in our direction. I couldn 't clearly make out their facial expressions. At times like this, I loathed contacts and wanted glasses all over again. Heck, I couldn 't even distinguish if it was just my foggy eyesight or if there was actual fog.

"Gabe! Jenna!" Lucas called behind me.

Piper, Julian, and I turned to the idiot and glared at him. I was hoping maybe we could just pass by and avoid a conversation but guess not. Lucas looked at us in confusion. Obviously, he was clueless as to our sudden change in expressions.

Lucas went to Gabe and Jenna who seemed to be getting closer and closer.

"Hide me!" I pleaded. I wasn 't supposed to be there. Well, neither was Lucas, but he had a legitimate excuse. He 'd needed a ride.

"How?" Julian and Piper asked in unison. Gabe and Jenna just had to show up.

I shook my head and ran behind Julian. He was around six feet. Maybe my short height wasn 't a curse after all.

"Piper! Stand next to Julian. Hide me!" I said quickly. My friend obliged.

I heard different voices get closer. Suddenly, there was an echo of laughter. I peeked from the side and saw Lucas laughing his head off. He clutched his stomach and simply laughed like there was no tomorrow.

"Why are you laughing?" Piper asked in a small voice.

"You guys won 't believe it. Gabe and Jenna claimed to have seen Bloody Mary! And Bloody Mary left them a gift. You see this," Lucas answered after he was done laughing. I peeked from between…

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