Analysis Of ' I See A Killer Die ' Essay

790 Words Mar 10th, 2015 4 Pages
The author provokes an emotional response from the very start. A grim black and white picture immediately catches the reader’s attention and draws their eye onto the sub heading just below. It allows the reader’s imagination to run wild as there is nobody in the picture and most importantly the human aspect has been removed from both the title and the picture. No name has been given but that it is simply just a “death chamber…filled with gas”, which almost makes the killer seem like they are sub-human. This I presume was to ensure the reader felt sorry for the camera man himself as he has to witness the state murder someone whom it considers has no value. This is reflected in the title “I see a killer die” which also provokes a similar response. The word “see” makes the reader infer that maybe the camera man saw the grisly event by accident and was unintentional. This has clouded the reader’ imagination which can have serious implications as the reader will see everything as grisly and inhumane. The reader can also now expect to receive a vile description of the execution, which they eventually do.
The word “die” in capital letters is very hard hitting suggesting it may not be your average execution. The word “die” has got no connotations of justice which suggests quite highly that person writing the article wants the reader to feel that the death penalty is not humane in any way but is simply just a way to kill humans. This is not justice but it’s simply the states’…

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