Analysis Of ' I Need A Husband ' Essay

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“I Need a Husband” In the mid 20th century, the United States culture was centered around the idea that a happy family consisted of a man and a woman who loved each other, working together to live and raise their children. However, the first chapter of The Hearts of Men, argues that this cliché was completely false, and that the men and women of the time recognized the roles that they played as unfair and embarrassing. Ehrenreich states that the holy matrimony between a man and a woman could be seen as strictly an economic beneficiary to the woman, and an economic responsibility to men. The chapter immediately starts off with the statement, “Women need men much more than men need women” (1). Erenreich is setting up the basis of the breadwinner role of men that will be focused on throughout the book, and giving her readers an idea of her beliefs of the time period. This statement can be challenged, and even Erenreich contradicts herself throughout. The idea that a husband is strictly a breadwinner and seen as that by women is an overgeneralization. Can a man not be happy being married? Can a woman not want to get married because she wants to be with the person she loves, and eventually have a family with him? I believe that it was not the fact that women wanted to use men strictly for an economic purpose, but rather the social norms of the time almost required her to stay at home while her husband went to work and supported the family. One of the quotes that…

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