Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying ' Essay

1010 Words May 13th, 2016 5 Pages
It is already known that women are generally seen as being inferior to men in many different cultures around the world. Women 's lives are completely controlled by men emotionally and physically. Not only do women actually experience these things in real life, but they are also portrayed this way in literature. They are rarely given the main character in literary works, but when they do receive a main role, the woman is usually depicted as dead, evil(a villain), incompetent, or unfulfilled. In Addie Bundren 's case in as I Lay Dying, she is dead for most of the novel, and we only hear about her through her thoughts while she is dead. In Addie 's case, her character is portrayed as revengeful and resistant, yet again another stereotype of women in literature. When Addie was a teacher she was imposed physical punishment on her students as a way to establish an everlasting relationship with her students and always remain apart of their lives. She neglected her students in giving them a proper education and also in caring for themselves properly. From this we can already see that pursuing motherhood and becoming a wife was not the best choice for her. Her marriage with Anse shows why she is revengeful and unhappy with her marriage. Addie only marries Anse so that she can have a reason to feel something real and have someone to care for her. Anse is none of those things, and Addie realizes that she has no connection to him. He is a man who has nothing to offer her, he does not…

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