Analysis Of ' I Don 't Care ' Essay

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In today’s society, people have different goals and purposes to purchase stuff. With the economic development, markets provide more and more choices to consumers. The product diversification separates consumers into different positions because of the price of product. According to the “I don’t care” article, Norris claims his opinion from different examples, such as the brand names, toothpaste and so on. He explains that consumers need to care about the products intrinsic instead of the vanity things, like brand names. In this article, “I don’t care” is like a slogan to symbolize Norris’s view and it shows his attitude of choosing products. He also uses persuasive sentences to convince audience that brands are not important. There is a quote can show his attitude: “Brands are marks that owners put on their property, often by painful means, and we are in perilous territory when our self image, and even our self worth, is founded on which brands and labels we can afford to purchase and display”. In my opinion, I have both agreements and disagreements with his view. The agreeing part would clarified from products’ intrinsic value and the disagreeing part would explored from luxury products. Also I would like to compare these two parts in consumers’ needs which means trying to explain the reason by contrasting the difference of consumers’ positions.
In the modern city, people start to live with brands and use the brand name instead of the product name. Although this behavior…

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