Analysis Of ' I Do ! ' Essay

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“I do!” She told Sam as she is pleading for a less stress filled working atmosphere between her two friends. “We do not need any additional stress between the three of us!”
“Okay.” Sam told her as he conceded to her logic. “I concur with your assessment.”
“Thank you, Sam” she responded.
“You coming Maria?” Jim asked from the hallway as she then turned and walked out of Sam 's room.
“Finally!” Sam told himself out loud. “Peace and quiet! Now maybe I 'll get something accomplished.” He said to himself as the door closed and he returned to concentrate on the icicle like device.

As the two agents walked into Jim 's room, they were both quiet, as they were each engulfed in their own private thoughts. Maria continued walking slowly over to Jim 's window to gaze outside towards the Eiffel Tower. She stopped at the window and she then parted the drapery in front of her. The weather outside was partly cloudy, but it looked as though it was clearing as the Sun was rising in the sky. She thought for a moment that she could smell the fragrant spring time flowers. 'It might turn out to be a nice day after all ' she thought to herself.
Jim walked over to his table which was about six feet away from her. Sitting down in front of his laptop, he opened the lid. “I 'm over due for my latest report.” He told her as he pressed the power button and his computer started the boot-up process. “I wonder if Williams will be upset?”
Maria heard him but did not reply because she was immersed in…

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