Analysis Of I Am Sam, And Gentlemen By The Name Of Sam Essay

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Imagine a life with no social workers. In this theory, would there be social justice? Social workers aim to assist people with the basic needs and values that are needed in life. This goal is fulfilled through the use of social work values. These values consist of “competence, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, service, and social justice” (NASW). A prime example of these values at work is in the movie “I am Sam.” This movies demonstrates social justice in which Sam is not treated with equality due to his disability.
In the movie “I am Sam,” and gentlemen by the name of Sam, who has a mental capacity of a seven year old, gets a homeless woman pregnant. When she finally goes into birth she runs off leaving the baby, named Lucy, with Sam. He recognizes he responsibility and cares for the child by himself for seven years. On Lucy’s seventh birthday, Child Protective Services steps in and claims Sam as an unfit parent. Sam sets out to hire a lawyer named Rita, who at first wanted nothing to do with Sam. Eventually she decides to pro bono Sam’s case. Court case after court case things go south for Sam. Thankfully, the foster mother of Lucy sees how much love is between the two and realizes Sam may have a mental disability but, that does not prove him unfit. In the end, the foster family that was taking care of Lucy gives custody to back to Sam. However, Sam realizes how great they are and how much Lucy needs a female role model in her…

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