Analysis Of ' I Am A Yankee ' Essay

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I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, so I do not consider myself a southerner. According to some people in Memphis, I am a Yankee. I did not want to move from Cleveland because I liked my friends, and the last place I wanted to move was the South. Because of what I had learned from history, southerners did not have a good reputation in my eyes. I moved to Memphis just over three years ago and I expected most people to be either racist, bible beaters (hard core religion nuts), or somewhat inbred, or even a mix of all three. So in general, my views of southerners were close to how Faulkner depicts them in his novels.
The first couple months in Memphis were difficult because I had to adapt to a completely different culture than I was accustomed. In comparison to Cleveland and the north, Memphis was much more rural and less industrialized. There were fewer major cities and some suburbs of Memphis were as far out as Oakland and Millington. In the North, the suburbs were much closer to the major cities and there were more major cities. Because there was more room to live in the south, the houses tended to be larger and more spread out. The further away from major cities you went, the less educated and modern the people were.
There also seemed to be a greater appreciation of nature in the South, due to the climate, which allows certain things to grow all year. Unlike in the north where every winter the trees looked dead and the grass was covered with snow, winter in the…

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