Essay on Analysis Of Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

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The commercial I chose is “First Date - Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The Hyundai Genesis.” This commercial is pathos because it makes parents or car owners feel safer about letting other people use their car. This product is unique in being that no other car company or car for that instance has been modified to this high use of technology. It makes them feel better about people using their car by showing them that they can get this app that tracks your car so you know exactly where your car is at all times. Parents and car owners will feel safe knowing where their car is and that their teenage children are safe because they can not lie about where they are at due the app that tracks the car. This commercial uses the widely known comedian and actor Kevin Hart portraying as a father with his daughter going on a date with an unknown young man.
This new app will make parents feel safer about letting their kids use their car because they can track it using the app. With parents knowing where their car is they can know where their children are and they can know that they are safe or even wherever the are not supposed to be. Now parents can do not have to go spy on their children to make sure they are where they said they were going to be. Scientist have finally come up with a way that parents can spy on their children without being known as the overprotective parent! This app can also help you if your car gets stolen because you can track it. If someone steals your car you…

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