Analysis Of Hyacinthe Rigaud Painted An Oil Portrait Of King Louis Xiv

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In 1701, Hyacinthe Rigaud painted an oil portrait of King Louis XIV. This portrait would soon become one of the most famous portraits of the sun king. All elements of the portrait are meant to show the king’s power and wealth, like the coronation robes, the scepter, and the crown. However, aspects of the portrait ambiguously reflect on Louis XIV’ influence in the fashion industry during the late 17th century. A few examples of this are his wig, his sword and its sheath, and his shoes and stockings in the portrait. The facts presented in this essay will conclude the idea that Louis XIV had a definite impact on the fashion community and it is shown through his 1701 portrait painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud through his periwig, sword and sheath, and shoes and stockings.
One of the main reasons this portrait was chosen instead of his others is because of its popularity. Not only is this picture currently on display at the Louvre art gallery in Paris, France, but high school and college students are studying it as a part of French history. Using this image would associate ideas with a more familiar painting, causing the reader to retain more information accurately. On top of this, the content to be expressed in association with the wig, sword and sheath, and shoes and leggings is a foundation block in examining Louis XIV’s total impact in the fashion community because attempting to write a research paper on his full impact would be too long and broad of a topic. For this reason,…

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