Analysis Of Howard Ramos 's Article ' It Was Always There? Looking For Identity

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In Howard Ramos’s article “It Was Always There? Looking for Identity in All the (Not) So Obvious Places,” Ramos explores identity and to what extent his own cultural identity is defined by himself as well as by others. As a first generation Filipino-American with immigrant parents, I can relate to Ramos’s questioning of his and his father’s heritage and how it can affect the ways people label them. Especially in the modern age of technology where people are able to judge others’ images, faces, bodies, and lives through social media, labels can become an important part of life since it can influence your friends, your choices, and ultimately your future. Being apart of different cultural worlds, my labels and heritage make up a large part of my identity and how I work to change my life for the better. Like Ramos, my life has been a struggle of trying to define my own identity while attempting to influence how others label me. Culturally, I would be identified most specifically as Filipino-American, however, I feel more comfortable identifying as an Asian-American instead. In my own experience, I feel that the culture I portray to the world is a pendulum that swings back and forth; at times when I am with my family and close friends, I feel more Asian and Filipino, yet when I deal with strangers or have to act in formal situations, I feel more American. (Many argue that the American culture does not exist and is actually the lack of a culture due to assimilation, but I…

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