Essay on Analysis Of ' How Cities Make People Richer '

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How Cities Make People Richer
Glaesar introduces his book by explaining that cities are made of flesh, rather than concrete. The city has triumphed in economic and technological ways through the provision of opportunities that lead to a further increase in opportunities. It is a foundation that Glaesar bases his arguments, especially in the aspect of how cities have made people richer by the minute. Being an elaborate and renowned economist, Glaesar centers his arguments on the fact that human contact, especially in the city, enables the populace to grow in terms of trust and cooperation. (p 35). He supports this by explaining that this proximity is crucial in the generation and distribution of wealth, as well as in creation of new inventions. In economics, as similar to in other aspects of the society, interaction enables the human species, especially those in urban centers to foster good relationships. A good network equals good business and invention viability, hence, the gradual and consistent generation of wealth. Despite scholars hailing the growth of online presence as detrimental to human relationships, Glaesar attributes these relationships as highly prized and beneficial in this global economy (p 38).
As experienced in the city of Detroit, Glaesar accredits its industrialization and substantial growth of wealth to the fact that it had a group of very well educated workers with creative skills in entrepreneurship. Despite struggling during the…

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