Analysis Of Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet, By Jamie Ford

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The main character in the novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, written by Jamie Ford, is Henry Lee. Henry is a Chinese man who has experienced many relationships from the time he was a young boy, to the time he was an adult with a son. Throughout his entire life, all of his relationships have encountered moments of bitterness and sweetness, and it is these moments that have given Henry the lifestyle choices and morals he has today. His relationships with his father, his son, and childhood friend Keiko have molded him into the man he has become. Henry Lee has never had the best relationship with his father. Through flashbacks of Henry 's life as a young boy, one realizes Henry stopped talking to his parents at a very young age, so that he would be able to learn English better, instead of falling back into the Cantonese language. This arrangement resulted in Henry and his father having extremely poor communication. Communication is a key factor in important relationships, and Henry had the feeling that his father and him were only able to really talk when they were having a argument. This is shown when Henry 's father finds evidence that Henry has a Japanese friend, which goes against everything his father believes in. As the argument is about to begin, Henry says in his mind, "Well, at least we 're probably going to have a real conversation, Henry thought. And, Father, it 's about time" (183). As Henry grows up, he marries a young lady named Ethel. Together,…

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