Analysis Of Hope 's Boy By Andrew Bridge Essay examples

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In Hope’s Boy by Andrew Bridge, he reflects on his decade spent in the foster care system and puts a spotlight on the horrors of a system that attempts to save children, but condemns them to physical and emotional abuse. As a seven year old, all Andy wanted was his mother, Hope. They shared such a deep love for one another that nothing in this world could tear that love apart. Being trapped in poverty and continuously being faced with tragedies, all they had were each other, until they didn’t anymore. With Hope’s mental health declining and having no one else to care for him, the child services took him from her. Hope became institutionalized and Andy was forced to go to a child care facility that was more like a prison. On the first night in MacLaren Hall, he refused to take off his clothes around too many new people and got put into solitary lockup. He then realized this place was not going to ever feel like home. After several months in MacLaren Hall, he is placed with the Leonards, who offer stability and food but lacks any act of nurturing, encouragement, or love. The family was desperate for money so they took in foster children, but never treated them like family. He stayed with the Leonards for the remainder of his childhood but always held on to the thought of being reunited with his mother. He got to spend time with Hope only a handful of times, but only in one hour increments and completely under the eye of his foster mother. Then the visits stop completely for…

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