Analysis Of Homer 's The Odyssey Essay

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Analysis of The Odyssey by Homer Around 750 B.C.E the author Homer created the epic, The Odyssey. The epic is set in Bronze Age Greece when gods were believed to still frequent the Earth and mortals with extraordinary powers existed. The Odyssey describes Odysseus’, the main protagonist’s, journey home from the battle at Troy. He is met with many obstacles that prevent him from returning home for many years. The epic examines how the power of cunning is superior to the power of strength, the consequences of temptation can be disastrous, and the metaphorical journey into manhood that the characters take is apparent in human nature. Homer explores these themes throughout the epic using various literary devices, key terms, common human philosophy, and symbolism. The Odyssey is the sequel to the previous epic, The Iliad, which is a about the use of strength to defeat your enemies. However, The Odyssey is about the uses of cunning intelligence to overcome and defeat Odysseus’ enemies. In the beginning of the book it says, “A man of twists and turns” (Homer 1). This indicates that Odysseus is a clever man and uses his head throughout his adventures to help him defeat his enemies. When Odysseus and his crew are trapped in the Cyclops, Polyphemus’, cave he knows that only cunning tactics can help him save his crew and escape. Odysseus knows that he is not strong enough to move the boulder blocking the door and that only Polyphemus is able to move it. He comes up with a plan to be…

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