Analysis Of Homer 's ' Odysseus ' Essay

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Odysseus encountered Cyclops twice in this section of the book, once with his men when he landed on an island full of them. They didn 't make any contact with them at all, though shortly after seeing the island of the Cyclops they landed on an different island that they believed was safe and possibly uninhabited. They ended up being very wrong when they discovered a cave filled with sheep, cheese, and one blood thirsty giant. Did I mention that they knew he lived in the cave and continued to look around anyhow? They assumed that he would treat them kindly since taking care of strangers was considered honorary and would be rewarded by the gods, even though Odysseus recently described the Cyclops as uncultured and savage beasts. They did and shortly after that the Cyclops Polyphêmos returned and acted civil, trying to trick them into a false since of security. It worked. Polyphêmos represents Odysseus 's fear of himself being constantly manipulative instead of being truthful and loving. When Polyphêmos eats two of his men he represents Odysseus 's strong fear of being a vicious monster who only thinks of himself and is uncultured. There are several parts of the Odyssey that Odysseus released his inner savage. Wether he knew it or not, he was constantly afraid of being this cunning beast who doesn 't care about the gods or Greek traditions, only himself and his own needs. If you look at the Cyclops closely you can easily see parts of Odysseus 's personality in the monster.…

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