Essay on Analysis Of Holden Caulfield 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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17-year-old Holden Caulfield’s mother scheduled him for a psychiatric appointment in my office. On the phone, Mrs. Caulfield explained that everything seemed to start when Holden disappeared for 3 days, around Christmas last year, after being kicked out of his fourth boarding school. Phoebe Caulfield, Holden’s little sister, was the one that noticed his strange behavior and told her mother of these peculiarities when they started to worsen throughout the year. Holden displayed feelings of wanting to run away from home, not returning home, seeming sad, and having dissatisfaction with many things. When I asked for more family information, I was told Holden’s little brother died of leukemia at the age of 11 which was 3 years ago. This information leads me to believe that Holden could be suffering from grief and perhaps another type of mental illness. However, I will hold any further conclusions until he clues me in on his journey last Christmas. After learning of Allie Caulfield’s death and meeting with the patient, I decided to diagnose him with grief. This obscure emotion turned mental disorder, is defined as “The feelings of anguish that a person will experience after a significant loss like the death of a beloved person. Distinguished from mourning and bereavement as may not produce a strong emotional response.” (6) However, Holden’s symptoms are very strong and lean towards the unresolved and complicated type. His symptoms included extreme focus on reminders of lost…

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