Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay

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Fifth Week Response Essay
In Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” evidently, this is a conversation taking place between a young unmarried couple. The way the author gives no name to the man suggests that this is a situation that is common and can happen to anyone. Up until this point, this couple has only had to be responsible for themselves. Frequently, the two travel to see new things and to drink, seeming inseparable. For example, when the author describes the luggage with all the "labels" on it, this suggests the two have spent a significant amount of time together traveling. Furthermore, it seems that their carelessness or freedom has now put them into a difficult situation that will change them both forever especially their relationship. It makes you wonder, thinking back to the story The Grand Inquisitor, this situation would prove to Jesus/God that mankind is incapable of handling absolute freedom. Perhaps that is true, because if this couple were married, then they would follow the “rules” of marriage and have the baby.
Additionally, the couple are now at a transitional stage in their relationship. The fact that they are at a train station symbolizes that the two will either follow the same path or go their separate ways. Moreover, I think the beaded curtain also bares a resemblance to some sort of boundary or wall between the couple. As a matter of fact, I believe that the beaded curtain stands as a representation of lack of communication for the…

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