Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay examples

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The way in which a story is presented can either be what Kenneth Burke refers to as good art or bad art. Good art is that which conveys multiple meanings through the context; bad art is that which only holds one meaning that is simply understood the same way among all audience members. Hills Like White Elephants can be categorized as good art through the ways in which, depending on the reader, can lead to various interpretations and understandings. Through examination of the story and its various elements, an individual can begin to discover the multiple ways that phrasing can impact how a reader feels about their own values in relation to the material presented/before them. The presentation of the characters can lead readers to various meanings. There are three characters present in the story, the American, the girl, and the woman. From examining the usage of these in place of actual names, readers are able to interpellate differently. The way in which the girl is used to characterize the female can lead the reader to see her as being younger, less mature, of lesser value, and lacking the ability to make decisions on her own. On the other hand, the American can be seen as being older, more mature, having more strength and power, and having the ability to control and make decisions. The usage of such descriptions to describe characters can cause readers to feel either positively or negatively based on if this perspective is present. Another way of examining this…

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