Analysis Of Hill Country Snack Foods Essay

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Hill Country Snack Foods was founded in Austin, Texas and provides affordable good quality snack foods with a southwestern flare to its consumers. Hill Country distributes product to supermarkets, grocery stores, schools and sporting events. This snack food is in competition with PepsiCo and other smaller snack food brands such as Snyder- Lance (Stephenson, 2012, pg.1). Hill Country is a risk-adverse company with a strong balance sheet, the company has zero debt and works hard to keep its shareholders happy. Hill Country fulfills its social responsibility in the community by feeding school children healthy and well balanced snack foods. This decision was made to show the company’s dedication to its consumers big and small. Industry Profile Companies in the snack food industry make snack foods such as nuts, chips, popcorn, crackers and pita chips, The United States and Europe are the world’s largest markets for snack foods. The U.S has approximately 500 snack food companies with a combined revenue is $27 billion annually (Snack Foods, para, 2). The snack food industry has been continuing to grow and change. Now more and more people are choosing the healthier snack foods which causes a strain on prepackaged snack foods. The industry has begun to increase the nutritional value in snack foods in order to be attractive to the consumer.
Hill Country’s financial situation is somewhat different from its competitors. The company has $0 debt which is very unique in the snack food…

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