Analysis Of Hester Prynne 's ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

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Wang, Yamin. A Representative of the New Female Image- Analyzing Hester Prynne 's consciousness in The Scarlet Letter. Finland 2010. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, We. April 25 2016.

In Yamin Wang’s literary citizen of hester Prynne she calls Hester the representative of the ‘New Female Image.’ Primarily Wang speaks about the development of the female images beginning with the traditional female image. This traditional image is split up into two images; one being praiseworthy femaleness and the other discriminated femaleness. Praiseworthy femaleness is where women are inferior to men and have been since the beginning of time. God created the man first therefore men have superior intelligence unlike women who are not capable of reasoning and organization. On the other hand, praiseworthy femaleness this started occurring during the Middle Ages and just like its description it is where women begin to be praised. Men do not attack women anymore instead they begin to recognize women 's accomplishments & merits.
These two images as discussed are the traditional images however the ‘new female image’ was developed by National Hawthorne through his character HEster Prynne. Hester is different from traditional types she indeeds suffers the humiliation of her actions. Having a child out of wedlock was shamed upon her her Puritan community. But Hester did not let this shame influence her conscience, in her heart she believed in herself and retained her self-respect. In…

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