Essay on Analysis Of Hester Prynne 's ' My Daughter 's Eyes '

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“In my Daughter’s eyes. I am strong and wise. And I know no fear. But the truth is plain to see. She was sent to rescue me. I see who I want to be. In my daughter’s eyes” (Savory 407). Although Hester Prynne is a remarkably strong character, she uses Pearl, her daughter born from sin, to endure public humiliation in Puritan society. Pearl symbolizes Hester’s adulterous act, always reminding her of the sin she committed. Even though in the end, Pearl is her mother’s savior by allowing Hester to recognize her own strength from within. Hester Prynne also over comes the expectations of society by raising her child in a manner not approved by officials and uses her daughter as an escape to further her rebellious attitude.
Others may believe that Hester’s inner strength, defiance of conformity, honesty, and compassion may have been a part of her personality before, but the scarlet letter is what brings out her true personality not Pearl (Savory 398). Throughout the book, Hester shows how much she endures because of the scarlet letter that proudly stood out on her breast. She is forced to wear the scarlet letter once the town 's people see that she committed adultery by bearing a child by someone other than her husband Roger Chillingworth. Since then, Hester has been viewed as sinful. Hester is brought before the public to show everyone what is embroidered on her chest and to let the community see what would happen to a town person if he goes against the Puritan beliefs. Although…

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