Analysis Of Herbert Marcuse's One Dimensional Man

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Register to read the introduction… All of the advertisements that you see are purposely developed so that you would want the product. With this the individual is blinded by what is truly needed and what is wanted. Marcuse compares this kind of behavior to a disease. He states that the individual indulges on these products so that they may satisfy their happiness within. But Marcuse says that this happiness is not a condition which has to be maintained (5). Instead, it is temporary and will go away once this person has satisfied their need. Then what is left is euphoria in unhappiness …show more content…
We can all agree that this statement still holds true today. The executive decisions, which are made in today’s society, are all made by those who own major companies or corporations. They have the most power because they have the most money. Their factories are mainly machines that create their product. Though they still require some manpower to run their system, they mainly rely on their machines, These select few people utilize the full potential use of technical, scientific and mechanical productivity …show more content…
The ability to be able to elect ones leader doesn’t necessarily mean that the government isn’t in control. The government is always going to have some type of influence on everything that is put on the media. For example, if the government isn’t influencing the media, why is there censorship? The truth is that the government controls most aspects of our life. Marcuse argues that the right of freedom of speech is good yet it also creates the right for censorship.
Marcuse believes that the purpose of technology is to help us live easier lives. Assisting us with jobs that humans just don’t have the strength for should be the true intention of a machine. A machine is supposed to take the job of several humans. It is there to perform tasks that a normal human does not have the strength or ability to do. Instead, the capitalist government is using machines to increase their power and wealth. Instead of using technology advances as something to help the people, they instead use it to oppress the people with weapons and

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