Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' The Ibsen ' Essay

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Now and again it takes time to realize one’s true priorities. Although the truth comes out, people do not always do something about it. In Henrik Ibsen’s Dollhouse , Nora Helmer must face the fact that her husband, Torvald Helmer, has not always been himself. Torvald throughout the play says things that keep Nora around, Nora thinks it is because he loves her, but essentially it is to keep the image of their marriage. Torvald has said things such as, "I have often wished that you might be threatened by some great danger, so that I might risk my life 's blood, and everything, for your sake." (214; act 3). And Torvald has also told Nora, “Be at rest, and feel secure; I have broad wings to shelter you under.” (543-544; act 3). With that being said it is clear that Torvald is good at making Nora feel loved and protected. As the play continues Nora starts to figure out Torvald’s true desire for his reputation. Nora is both a victim and a villain in the play because she illegally helps Torvald, she does not stick up for herself until the end, and the marriage structure during the time period of the play. First, Nora is a villain for illegally helping her husband Torvald. Nora tells Mrs. Linde, “There is no need you should. I never said I had borrowed the money. I may have got it some other way.” (1.418-419). Torvald was very ill and Nora, concerned about his health committed forgery to fund them a trip to Italy to get him better. Nora did do this out of the love she has for her…

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