Essay on Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' A Doll House '

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In Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll House, a motif which surfaces is that of the contrast between love and honor. As seen through the characterization of Torvald, honor is how he demonstrates his love for Nora. However, times have changed and if he were taken out of his historical setting and brought forward to a more modern day, it could be argued as to whether or not Torvald truly loved Nora at all. With women being more independent in the home, would Torvald’s lack of respect and faith in his wife deem him selfish? By observing the characterization and diction of Torvald towards his wife and how he views her in her capacity in the home will help to determine whether love or selfish honor directs his actions and demonstrations concerning Nora. In act one of the play, Torvald’s character is condescending towards his wife. He “can’t be disturbed” by all of her “rummaging” and “twittering” (851). That is, until he finds out that she has gone out shopping and has been out “throwing money around” (851). It is evident that Torvald is very protective when it comes to the money. He is willing to give Nora an allowance to go out shopping, and yet, on the next page, the thing of most importance (not the items she bought) but that they have been able to make a life for themselves without being in debt. Not being in debt is a great accomplishment, but if he were to be transported into a more modern time, Torvald would be surrounded by individuals who constantly owe others for things. He…

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