Essay on Analysis Of Hegazy 's ' Omnia Hegazy '

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Omnia Hegazy is a twenty-four-year-old Muslim-American singer/songwriter. She started singing around age five. After she picked up the acoustic guitar, she discovered songwriting as a medium of self-expression. Now she doesn’t write about her own experiences; she writes about issues such as women’s rights and political freedom (Hegazy Bio). Omnia likes to not only fight for women’s rights by singing but also by what she wears. Most Muslim women wear a hijab in public. Most women believe that God commands women to wear hijabs in order to be modest. While most Muslim women wear it for religious reasons, other Muslim women choose to wear it to represent their culture (Abu-Jaber). Omnia may be a Muslim woman, but she doesn’t feel like she should have to cover up like the other Muslim women. She isn’t afraid to show a little skin. In her eyes, men should learn a little self control instead of women having to cover their entire bodies from head to toe (Moral Courage Channel). She was faced with the moral issue of women’s rights and trying to make the world a better place. Singing about women’s equality and dressing against her own culture must have been very difficult. It’s hard enough to stand up for what you believe in. Standing alone makes it even harder. Her reputation and the reputation of her family were both at risk (Moral Courage Channel). She thought it was worth the risk, and won’t give up her voice because so many girls are denied their own (Marrero). Many people…

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