Analysis Of Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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Peoples’ life does not depend on what they want it to be, because some people was raised in a prosperity or unpleasant life. Then, find themselves in a different life in which they never expected to happen. Hedda Gabler is a naturalism type of dramatic writing, written by Henrik Ibsen who narrates Hedda Gabler as a scandalous, coward, and an egotistical character who wants to have freedom, but experienced numerous problems in life instead. Starting from having an unwanted marriage with George and pregnancy; disappointments of controlling Lovborg’s life; black mail from judge Brack about her scandal, after convincing Lovborg to commit suicide; and Hedda’s insecurity to Mrs. Elvsted. In Hedda Gabler, Hedda is a scandalous, egotistic, and a coward character who is a victim of social condition; her incapability that leads her of countless disappointments and scandal is why she committed suicide.
Ibsen’s usage of social condition, where in Hedda experienced a great transition in her life. Starting from being an upper class person into a middle class person, as the reason why she committed suicide. Hedda is an upper class character and is mentioned by Aunt Juliana’s comments about Hedda stating “ General Gabler’s daughter! Think the sort of life she led in her father’s time” (Act I, 26-27). Along with Hedda 's first appearance in the play, showing her upper class personality when she makes numerous superior comments. First, Hedda does not care about George 's special…

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