Analysis Of ' Heaven Meets Earth At Seaside ' Florida ' Essay

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Heaven meets Earth at Seaside, Florida

Since I have visited Seaside, Florida myself, I can give a first-hand account as to the heavenly atmosphere that is experienced there. The idyllic and charming coastal town is located in the Florida panhandle. The concept and design of Seaside plays into its character and development of its soul. Seaside is a mere 80 acres, and is acclaimed world-wide as one of the iconic examples of New Urbanism where a defined town center with shopping and dining are well within walking distance to pastel cottages, shops, restaurants, the beach, and every imaginable amenity. Part of the New Urbanism vision for Seaside was a pleasant, harmonious beachside town where house fronts would have inviting porches, unique picket fences, and where lining these areas would be walking paths to encourage mingling with passers-by instead of watching zooming cars. Mom and pop stores, an Airstream food court, amphitheater, schoolhouse, post office, chapel, and other offerings, are part of what makes this seaside town so inviting and charming. The towns streets end in distinctive beach pavilions, which like the gates of pearl that lead the righteous into the heavenly city (Revelation 21:21), lead the fortunate onto the sugar white sand and into emerald waters of Seaside. Once on these beautiful shores, the fortunate will be kissed with the Florida’s ultimate gift of sunshine served up in blue skies, similar to heaven where God Himself will shine on those present…

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