Analysis Of ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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The Use of Darkness in Characterization in “Heart of Darkness” Through Imperialism In many great works of literature, the use of darkness and insanity in characterization was often used in a fictional matter. However, there is nothing fictional about the darkness that had spread through Africa’s deepest roots as a result of imperialism. This alone had set the primal continent back several hundred years behind the rest of the world in terms of technology and development. Lacking an advanced society and a steady leadership, corruption had taken place, leaving it’s civilians desperately seeking structure within their government. Joseph Conrad used this concept in his novel, “Heart of Darkness”, to display how the corruption of Africa and it’s society brings out the inner evil within all of the novel’s subjects. By exploring the darkness within characterization of the characters, Conrad establishes the theme that evil resides within all of us. He portrays these characteristics mainly through the antagonist, Kurtz, but also, it is also displayed through the protagonist, Christopher Marlow, and all of the lesser characters such as the people of the Congo and Kurtz’s fiancee. The character of Kurtz showed perfectly of how the isolated, unstructured environment of the Congo affected his naturally moral heart. Kurtz was a successful business man from Europe who was newly engaged a little while before the plot of the novel took place. Kurtz began his own ivory trading business…

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