Essay Analysis Of Hazel Levesque 's ' The Great Prophecy '

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Hazel Levesque, who is a daughter of Pluto, was born with the power of wealth. All of her life, her power has been a curse. She had been selected to be one of the seven in the Great Prophecy. Now, the seven are half way through their quest and we follow Hazel’s perspective throughout the book. This essay will discuss her character’s development throughout the story. The story begins with Hazel feeling homesick and unsafe. Before Percy Jackson had plummeted to the pits of Tartarus, he had warned Hazel of an upcoming threat that she would have to face at the House of Hades. He hadn’t had the chance to get into specifics, leaving Hazel feeling uneasy about only knowing a glimpse of her future. Nico, her brother and son of Hades, had also sensed the danger of her future. In order for her friends to not lose hope, Nico, told her to keep it confidential. “I’d learned that some things are best kept a secret” (Sparks)
That was just the beginning of her problems; her group was without a leader. “She wasn’t sure why she felt so strongly about it, but since leaving Rome, the crew had started to lose its cohesion. They’d been learning to work as a team. Then bam… their two most important members fell into Tartarus. Percy had been their backbone. He’d given them confidence… As for Annabeth – she’d been the de facto leader of the quest… She was the smartest of the seven, the one with the answers.” (Page 8) Hazel trusted that Percy and Annabeth would help them complete their quest.…

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