Essay about Analysis Of Harvey 's ' Decision On The Bakke Case

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Source 9 is a speech given by Harvey Milk to his supporters; it contains an anecdote that reveals that there was opposition to the gay rights movement among Christian conservative Americans. The very existence of the source and the reference within the source to Milk’s election to be city supervisor shows that there was widespread acceptance of gay people at this time, despite the opposition. Source 11 is an extract from Justice Thurgood Marshall’s decision on the Bakke case, in which he decided against Bakke, that details the position of black Americans in the late 1970s. The Source argues that black Americans were in a disadvantaged position and that they did not have equality with white people at this time. Source 9 provides some useful information to the historian regarding the status of gay rights. It suggests that gay people were becoming more accepted in American society at the time, as Milk rejects the idea of an ideological shift to the right at this time, instead maintaining that American society was becoming more liberal and progressive. However, the content of the source can be criticised. For example, Milk’s idea that the general American public was becoming more left wing could be countered with Reagan’s election in 1980, as Reagan was Republican and very conservative. The origin of the Source also limits its usefulness. Source 9 was a speech given by Milk to his supporters shortly after his election meaning he was likely to be as positive as possible…

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