Essay about Analysis Of Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mocking Bird '

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While Harper Lee was writing To Kill A Mocking Bird (TKAM), she included many similarities to the tragic Scottsboro Trials. Harper showed the effect the trials made on her and how it harmed her emotionally through the novel she wrote. The three major reasons are as follows; many of the events and characters are similar to her life and what was occurring during her childhood, Harper Lee was at the developing age of six when the Scottsboro Trials were occurring, and lastly, the Scottsboro brothers and Tom Robinson had the same allegations. There were nine African- American brothers in the Scottsboro trials that were wrongly accused of rape against two white women named Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. It was during the 1930’s in Alabama when the two women were traveling to Chattanooga, Tenn. Illegally, Ruby was a minor during this time at the age of 17. Victoria, who was a prostitute, was exposing herself to prosecution under the Mann Act which in James Goodman’s words means, “An act prohibiting anyone from taking a minor across state lines with immoral purposes.” (Stories of a Scottsboro Study). Victoria was trying to hide from prosecution by charging those nine boys with rape, which draws ties to a character named Mayella Ewell in the novel TKAM. Mayella charged Tom Robinson, an innocent African-American man with rape. Although Mayella wasn’t a prostitute she still tried to push the blame of her poor lifestyle onto Tom, which makes it seem as though Mayella Ewell represents…

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