Analysis Of ' Happy National Apathy Day ' Essay

1580 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
In his essay, “Happy National Apathy Day” published in The New York Times, Will Durst mocks the voter’s general lack of interest in voting. Durst 's sarcasm is evident throughout the essay as he picks fun at the voter 's excuses. Flaws that exist in the election system are also mocked by Durst. The election system is kept ineffective to keep it weak and not give the people power. Durst alludes to the fact that voters inactivity in the election process leads to problems in their community. Durst 's use of sarcasm points out to the audience that their apathy only hurts them in the end. It hurts them because they have no impact on the events that transpire with the government. A decrease in voter turnout is due to an increase in voter apathy toward voting; because of this voter will experience changes later in their community.
Voters aid their apathy toward voting by making up excuses to avoid the polls. Durst list a few reasons that voters give about not being able to vote: "Parking is a pain, the print is so tiny, and it 's always on Tuesday" (Durst, 1998, pg.1). Although Durst presents these ideas, it in no way means that he supports them. The ideas presented to the audience in the text they seem insignificant. Each of the reasons that Durst gives for not voting can be easily remedied. It shows how people are just lazy and are making up excuses not to vote. The list of excuses is the author using sarcasm. He uses a mocking tone to highlight further to his audience the lazy…

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