Analysis Of Hank Moody 's ' The Mill ' Essay

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Presenting Problem Hank Moody is a well known writer between his 30’s and 40’s who moved to Los Angeles from New York to continue his writing career with his on-again off-again ex-girlfriend and their daughter. He has written several novels, but most notably is God Hates Us All. This novel became a best seller and it is what puts him on the radar of every notable author and avid book reader. With this, attention follows. His daughter, Rebecca Moody, is high-school age and has a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with her father, though it is not as bad as her mother. Her mother, Hank’s ex-girlfriend, is Karen Van Der Beek. Her relationship with Hank usually hangs in the balance, almost daily, given Hank’s derogatory and lewd lifestyle, which is full of sex, drugs and your average run-of-the-mill LA lifestyle. Hank Moody’s main occupation is as a writer. However, given his best-selling novel, he receives residuals and doesn’t suffer financially. This, in turn, creates a “God-like” mindset in which contributes to his lifestyle. At times when he is not writing, he has been offered multiple positions of employment. However, even this does not instill a sense of “responsibility” for Hank. For example, during a position as a university writing professor, he did not give up his carefree lifestyle. More specifically, he began to have sexual relations with his T.A., his student (who we find out is a stripper at a gentlemen’s club which Hank has previously attended), as well as the…

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