Analysis Of Hanging Trees By Andy Goldsworthy

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In diverse manners, artists often successfully reflect, and display the impact and relationship humans have with the environment. This allows for society and the general population to further explore and understand their place within both the natural and unnatural world. Artists such as Jill Orr, Lin Onus and Andy Goldsworthy successfully reciprocate this by responding to the physical environment- and situations they are positioned in- through their creations of thought provoking art. These three particular artists use various forms of media- photography, painting and installation- in order to portray the central message. In short, through diverse manners, artists reflect and display the impact human beings have on and in the environment. …show more content…
Goldsworthy uses this particular work in order to represent the often harmful relationship between wood and stone; the constant battle between farmland and forested landscapes. In Hanging Trees, the centre of the work- the tree, representing the natural landscape- is lying horizontally in what is strikingly not unlike a freshly dug grave. Lining the so called ‘grave’ are four high walls of stone-work symbolising the destructive nature of farming, in the way it acts as a tomb; trapping the tree. It is a powerful work that explores the often neglected idea of the battle between farming and of the natural forests. These two conflicting environments exist in a mutually exclusive relationship; through the choosing of one, the other is ultimately destroyed: through either it’s destruction, or through it’s lack of existence. Through this work, an important question is raised, asking the audience just how do they, as the human race, decide which of the two is more important. Both are important to the development and success of the human race, yet they destroy each other: which is more important to have an abundance of? The effects of farming upon the natural environment is an idea explored through Goldsworthy’s Hanging

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